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Hitech UV offers a complete range of UV Systems for all industries. The UV Systems are designed according to its capacity to sterilize water in LPH and UV chamber is made from 100% Stainless Steel 316 L. Having three decades of experience & understanding of the industry, Hitech UV is one of the most reliable options available today in the market for any business to partner with. Bottling plants, Food & Beverages industries, UV disinfection system in Milk & Dairy industry, Water sterilizer for Hotel Kitchens, SS Micron filters Hospitals, Dental clinics, Pharmaceuticals, UV System for Aquacultu
Apart from UV systems we also supply essential accessories for these UV systems. UV LAMPS are to be changed once in two years along with the quartz sleeves for effective water sterilization. UV INTENSITY MOTOR, UV BALLAST, UV QUARTZ SLEEVES are some of the best UV system accessories Call us now for more updates.
Hitech UV has been in the water disinfection industry since 1984, we manufacture UV systems for water, UV systems for AHU & HVACs, UV surface purifiers, Ultraviolet sterilizers, UV for hospitals & SS Micron Filters. UV water sterilizers are proven to be most efficient for water treatment across industries.